The power of “we” in recovery cannot be overstated. While an excellent treatment program with dedicated medical professionals can provide a great foundation, it is really the community and support found by an individual when they return to everyday life which makes all the difference. What is recovery like in today’s communities?

These days it seems everyone owns a computer, smartphone, or other device, and digital media is an integral part of our everyday routine. More and more people in recovery are using technology to connect instantaneously at any time with others for support and affirmation. Interaction which helps us stay connected in real time is a beneficial resource, expanding and strengthening support systems.

Lin, a 15 year old blogger from Singapore is using social media to promote a healthy interest in food since recovering from an eating disorder. Her enthusiasm helped her gain momentum toward her recovery as she combined her interest for learning new recipes and cultural influences to promote some of the most positive aspects of her recovery.

“During my recovery from an eating disorder, I used my love for food to pull me up and spur me on to a full recovery and now it has evolved into a full blown passion”

The wonderful thing about social media is the control you can exercise over the content of your news feed. Following pro-recovery sources, positive images and information increase the benefit not only to yourself, but also to others in your network. The community of support present in social media today is a great service for individuals in recovery.

Alsana is launching an Instagram campaign called #WhatIsRecovery where we invite you to use this hashtag to share images of what recovery means to you. By doing so, we contribute to the conversation and connections we make through recovery. Using this fantastic tool to generate positive images and affirmations gives us an opportunity to hear from you and promote our commitment to recovery.

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