Alsana Assessment Processes

At Alsana, we believe that the process of assessment is so incredibly important because it helps us develop effective treatment programs for our clients.

When a client arrives at our facility, we conduct various initial assessments of their needs and their physical and mental state. This deepens our information and ideas about the client and their history and allows us to integrate that into an effective treatment plan for that person.

Once we have begun the treatment plan, we continue to do ongoing assessments, which allow us to see from the initial baseline how the client is improving and progressing. This also helps us determine what adaptations need to occur in the treatment plan in order to achieve the results we want.

At discharge, we want to know that the client has improved. Our final assessments allow us to evaluate our program, and help us determine areas in which we need to become more effective. These assessments and outcome measures – along with a research team that stays up-to-date on the latest information from the treatment community – help Alsana provide the best care to clients.

The assessments conducted at Alsana help us build a treatment program that will meet the needs of the individual client. They also help us clinically evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment program. We share our assessment results with our treatment teams and discuss the outcomes. By comparing our results with the interpretation of the therapists and staff, we can identify areas that need improvement.

Because Alsana is an affiliation of a number of treatment facilities, we share our results not only with the Alsana staff, but also those who are at Monarch Cove, the Highlands, and the Eating Disorder Center of Missouri. The benefit of having a team of treatment centers like this is that we can use the research and assessments from one facility to benefit all of our centers.

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