Alsana® Releases 2022 Treatment Outcomes and Outstanding Perception of Care Results


2022 outcomes data and survey responses demonstrate the efficacy of Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model® in reducing eating disorder symptoms, as well as clients’ overwhelmingly positive perception of care.

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(ST. LOUIS, MO) June 15, 2023Alsana is an eating recovery community and treatment provider with in-person Residential and PHP/IOP programs in Alabama, California, and Missouri and thriving virtual programs across the U.S. Alsana utilizes the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) to evaluate improvement in clients’ eating disorder symptoms from admission to discharge. In 2022, EDE-Q respondents demonstrated statistically significant improvement in eating disorder symptoms, with a large effect size of .491. (Alsana’s full 2022 study is available for download here .)

Alsana’s care teams administer Perception of Care (PoC) surveys when clients transition to a new level of care or discharge from treatment, regardless of discharge type. Survey responses aid in identifying areas for improvement while also providing clients with the opportunity to reflect on their care experiences and use their authentic voices. In 2022, 90% of all PoC survey respondents said they “would recommend Alsana to others in need of treatment,” and 94% of survey responses from clients enrolled in a virtual program said they “would recommend Alsana to others in need of treatment.”

Alsana’s whole-person approach to eating disorder treatment is guided by the Adaptive Care Model®. Its programming, which supports adults of all genders, is designed to deliver compassion-focused, evidence-based care that addresses the unique recovery needs of each individual. Leadership and treatment teams collaborate to develop, train, and create consistency across all programs and locations.

“Without intervention and support, eating disorders can wreak havoc on every area of people’s lives and exacerbate co-occurring mental health, relational, and other issues,” says Gayle Devin, CEO for Alsana. “Our clinical team emphasizes the importance of community and connection in recovery and walks alongside clients as they gain the self-compassion and coping skills needed for sustained recovery.”

In 2022, 46% of PoC survey respondents identified as LGBTQ+. When surveyed about their perception of care, 89% of LGBTQ+ survey respondents said they “would recommend Alsana to others,” 96% said their “gender identity was respected and affirmed during treatment,” and 99% felt their “sexual identity was respected and affirmed during treatment.”

“Alsana seeks to be a soft landing for clients by meeting them with care and understanding rather than rigidity,” says Heather Russo, LMFT, CEDS-S, Chief Clinical Officer for Alsana. “Our team works to understand the biological and historical influences that contributed to the development of an eating disorder, as well as factors that contribute to its maintenance of the eating disorder. This involves honoring clients’ diverse stories and addressing experiences of discrimination, oppression, and trauma as part of the treatment process.”

The Eating Disorder Quality of Life Questionnaire (EDQLS) is used to measure the impact of an eating disorder on an individual’s quality of life. In 2022, this is the area in which clients saw the most improvement; EDQLS respondents demonstrated statistically significant improvement, with an impressively large effect size of .523.

“Healing one’s relationship with food is part of healing one’s ability to participate in life fully,” says Julia Cassidy, MS, RD, CEDRD-S, VP of Clinical Nutrition Services for Alsana. “Not only do we help our clients to heal their brains and bodies with food, but we support them in healing their relationships with food, a process that can be incredibly liberating for individuals accustomed to restricting- nutritionally and otherwise.”

About Alsana

Alsana is an eating recovery community with in-person Residential and PHP/IOP programs in Alabama, California, and Missouri, Virtual PHP/IOP offerings across the United States. Their approach to eating disorder treatment is compassionate, evidence-based, and designed in alignment with the Adaptive Care Model®. This holistic method addresses healing in all areas of clients’ lives by integrating medical, nutritional, and therapeutic care with movement and relational therapies. Alsana serves adult clients of all genders and sexual identities struggling with a broad spectrum of eating, feeding, and co-occurring disorders. Alsana’s programs accommodate the unique needs of vegan clients and clients struggling with ED-DMT1, also known as “ diabulimia.” For additional information, visit

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