Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge: Ask for Support
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As we engage in a month-long exercise in self-expression—our 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge—we’re trying to approach the concept of self-love from a number of different angles. Today, we want to look at one prompt that is particularly noteworthy and provocative—the prompt that encourages us to ask for help when we need it.

This is so important for anyone who struggles with an eating disorder. Nobody ever recovers all on their own—at least not successfully. You often need to ask for help as you first seek treatment and recovery—and then you need ongoing help, support, and affirmation as your recovery continues.

Asking for help is one of the toughest parts of eating disorder recovery. A lot of that has to do with shame; eating disorders are by their very nature secretive, and letting people see such a vulnerable side of us is difficult. Another part of it is stigma: Though eating disorders are quite common, it’s still sort of a taboo to talk about them openly.

Yet the rewards of rising to this particular challenge are numerous and noteworthy. Of course, having people to support you and offer you encouragement can make your recovery go more smoothly. Additionally, asking for help is a good way to develop self-love.

But why, exactly? Simply put, when you ask for help, you’re affirming that you are worth helping. You’re not a hopeless case. There is beauty and worth within you, and those things are worth fighting for—even if it means swallowing your shame to ask someone to join you in the fray.

Some things to think about, then: When have you asked for help? How did it make you feel? What advice would you give to someone who is having a hard time opening up about their struggle? And most importantly: How does asking for help enhance your own self-love?

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