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Virtual Family Workshop

If you participated in Alsana’s Virtual Family Workshop, or if you missed the workshop and would like to access the videos, please fill out a brief survey

These presentations focused on eating disorder education, Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model™, and support for families and supportive others as we work to navigate recovery together.


This group is for family members and supportive others who currently have a loved one in recovery at Alsana.

Members of the group:

  • Receive our monthly newsletter.
  • Are the first to hear about events and other updates.
  • Get access to exclusive content including videos.
  • Gain access to our online Weekly Family Support and Skills Group.
    • Every Thursday, 10:00 AM / PST ; 12:00 PM / CST
  • Create a sense of community with other supportive others and family members.

Weekly Online Family Meeting

Thursdays at noon, PST

(2pm CST & 3pm EST)

This meeting is not directly affiliated with the Family Program; participants do not need to have a loved one currently in treatment at Alsana to join.

We know that watching someone you love struggle with an eating disorder is incredibly difficult. You don’t have to go through this alone. As an Eating Recovery Community that believes that recovery happens in relationships, Alsana is committed to helping both clients AND those who love them move through the healing process.

This group is facilitated by our National Admissions Office. It is educational in nature and provides a sense of community and support.

This group is not a replacement for therapy or treatment. Please fill out a brief waiver and don’t forget to mark your calendar for the next meeting!


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