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During a rotation of my dietetic internship, a preceptor asked me, “What is your nutritional philosophy? Before you start to practice, you should know where you are coming from.” Her words have stayed with me as I have pursued my career path into Eating Disorder treatment. I believe in helping a client navigate his or her individual path to embrace the idea that all foods fit and to seek balance, nourishment, and eventually joy from the foods they eat.

What about Alsana’s Nutritional Philosophy?

So often with my clients, I see a struggle to find balance among the rigidity and chaos when it comes to their food choices and eating habits. Alsana’s nutritional philosophy aligns with my own, in that it also advocates for “Balancing Nourishment and Pleasure.” As dietitians, we begin to challenge clients very early in treatment to shed the structure, rigidity, and beliefs demanded by the eating disorder and embrace more flexibility. With staff support, we encourage clients to practice estimating portion sizes using visual cues and neutral language while selecting from a variety of foods. With the structure and support of treatment, our goal is for clients to eventually eat in a normalized and mindful way while embracing an all foods can fit mentality.

What choices can you make to balance nourishment and pleasure today?

Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

Cameron Sisler MS, RDN, LD
Residential Dietitian

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