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Alsana’s approach to nutritional care in the Adaptive Care Model™ balances nourishment and pleasure on a physical and emotional level to develop a positive and nurturing relationship with both food and body. With guidance and exposure to balanced food choices and real-life eating experiences, you will restore your confidence in eating to support a life well-lived and learn to enjoy the meal experience as more than just the food itself.

With our “all foods can fit” model, we believe in flexibility and enjoyment of foods without shame or judgment. As in all aspects of our philosophy, we believe in healing you as a unique individual and adapt your meal plan to embrace your own personal journey to recovery. Our registered dietitians and culinary team will work with you to establish nourishing eating patterns and restore a trusting relationship between your food and your body within a compassionate, supportive and safe environment.

The Alsana Difference

Alsana’s nutrition program integrates the balance of nourishment and pleasure within real-world environments to restore a nurturing relationship between your body and food. Using visual guidelines and fuel groups, Alsana embraces meal planning without measurements or traditional exchanges to challenge you and your body to develop a  mutually trusting relationship. Our kitchen life skills groups, led by our culinary team, and our nutrition psychotherapy groups, co-led by both a dietitian and a therapist, guide and challenge you to experience food, flavors, meals, cooking and even grocery shopping within a healing environment to prepare you to return to your every-day life after treatment.

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Nutritional Balance

Food is healing medicine for your body and soul. Our dietitians and culinary team will customize your meal plans using a variety of foods and flavors. Meals in our residential care are prepared in-house by our trained and compassionate chefs who use the freshest ingredients to ensure a meal experience that offers physical and emotional healing. The meals are designed to fit your metabolic needs and our staff will monitor and customize your plan to ensure your mind and body receive all the essential nutrients they need to thrive and recover.

Creative Exposure

At Alsana, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in kitchen life skills group, creative culinary experiences, meal and snack challenges, and nutrition psychoeducation groups designed to restore a balanced perspective of food as both a nourishing, healing and enjoyable part of life. As you progress through your recovery, you have an opportunity to participate in the “client creation” meal experience, and your dietitian and culinary team partner with you from menu development, grocery shopping, recipe preparation and meal presentation to practice creating new culinary experiences within a supportive community.

Fostering Community

Alsana is one of the only eating disorder recovery centers with a national director of culinary services and a team of culinary professionals who practice precision, compassion, and creativity at every meal, every day. We believe in the kitchen as a sacred space that offers warmth, safety, and community. At Alsana, you have the opportunity to practice portioning, creative kitchen skills and team collaboration as you create new positive memories around food as healing medicine on both a physical and emotional level.


Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model™
Moves Beyond Traditional Treatment

Medical Treatment

Building health resilience to provide a physical foundation of recovery.


Balancing nourishment and pleasure to restore a nurturing relationship with both food and body.


Redefining the relationship with physical activity and integrating progressive levels of movement to heal both mind and body.


Understanding the complexity of eating disorders as an underlying biological, behavioral, and environmental influences.


Guiding and supporting clients to explore and grow their own sense of purpose.

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