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Writing can be an incredibly cathartic experience—therapeutic, even. It’s no wonder that journaling and diary-keeping are so often recommended to those in various forms of recovery. Writing is an act of discipline, of creativity, of critical thought, of openness, of candor—in short, a way to come to terms with the self and even arrive at a place of compassion and understanding.

Writing, in other words, can be a form of self-love—which is why we are proud to announce the 31 Day Self Love Diet Writing Challenge. Alsana is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event, which seeks to promote self-love and self-kindness through shared acts of writing. You can learn more about the event on Facebook; we’ll also be posting regular updates from the Alsana Facebook account.

Here’s how it works. Each day, we’ll provide a new prompt—a word, phrase, or topic we’d like you to write about. It may be a question, a list—some sort of trigger for a written reflection. And if that day’s prompt inspires you in some way, we encourage you to write something—doesn’t matter how long—and post it to the Facebook event page.

There will be 31 prompts in all, and the event will be live and active through February 1; last year there were more than 100 participants who filled the event page with several hundred personal reflections—words of self-worth, self-empowerment, self-love.

We hope you will join them this year—but more than that, we hope you’ll find the experience to be healing. And please, don’t shy away from it just because you don’t consider yourself to be a writer. All are welcome to join us in this time of uplift and inspiration.

Check the Facebook event page on January 1 for the first writing prompt.

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