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As part of the Adaptive Care Model™, Alsana’s medical program is based on building health resilience to provide a complete foundation for recovery. Our team of professional experts is experienced in treating the medical, mental, and physical conditions of eating disorders. Medical care at Alsana is administered and manged by a compassionate multi-disciplinary team to rebuild healthy lives, one step at a time.

The Alsana Difference

Alsana’s medical team is committed to a client first philosophy to ensure proven treatment methods are successful and infused with compassion and care. Our level of involvement with the multi-disciplinary team and the collaboration with you and your family go beyond the scope of traditional treatment programs. We believe in an integrated environment focused on respect, honesty, and kindness to achieve a successful recovery process unique to each individual.

Eating Disorder Helpline

Collaboration for Total Health

Our medical team meets on a regular basis with other staff members to gain a complete understanding of your recovery journey. This allows us to assess the next steps to meet your current and future needs. With 24/7 medical oversight and a collaborative and compassionate approach, our team of highly educated and trained staff closely monitors and addresses all medical issues or concerns to ensure all symptoms are accurately addressed.

Comfort and Support for Recovery

Throughout the entire course of treatment, Alsana’s medical team is dedicated to completely supporting you on your journey to recovery. We do more than administer or manage medical care, we treat you as unique individuals ready to build new life skills and the confidence needed to lead happy and successful lives. Our team is always present to offer hope, motivation, or support and to validate challenging emotions as the mind and body adapt to new healthy practices.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating disorders left untreated can rob you of the milestones and life skills we know everyone is capable of achieving. Our specialized team is trained to recognize the signs that go beyond the eating disorder and will help you address these other signs or symptoms while working towards a successful recovery. Whether it’s how to schedule a dentist appointment, developing new daily routines, or learning how to meal prep, at Alsana we’re here to help you build the knowledge, life skills, and confidence you need to lead your best and healthiest life moving forward.


Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model™
Moves Beyond Traditional Treatment

Medical Treatment

Building health resilience to provide a physical foundation of recovery.


Balancing nourishment and pleasure to restore a nurturing relationship with both food and body.


Redefining the relationship with physical activity and integrating progressive levels of movement to heal both mind and body.


Understanding the complexity of eating disorders as an underlying biological, behavioral, and environmental influences.


Guiding and supporting clients to explore and grow their own sense of purpose.

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