Medical Care

Holistic eating disorder medical care helps clients build a healthy, resilient foundation for lasting recovery.

Our compassionate multi-disciplinary team will help you rebuild a healthy life, one step at a time.


Our approach to medical care

Eating disorders impact all kinds of people. The Medical dimension of Alsana’s Adaptive care Model® is designed to build health resilience and a complete foundation for recovery. Our multi-disciplinary, compassionate team of experienced medical professionals helps clients rebuild healthy lives, one step at a time. Medical care teams are adaptive and meet clients where they are in their recovery.

A multidisciplinary approach to trauma treatment.

The Alsana difference

Medical care at Alsana is provided by a multi-disciplinary team that embodies our clients-first commitment. They work to ensure that treatment methods are successful and infused with compassion. We believe in an affirming, integrated environment focused on respect, honesty, and kindness to achieve a successful recovery process unique to each individual.

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Medical care for the whole person

Explore the work of Alsana's Medical dimension.

Adaptive Care Model

Our Adaptive Care Model reflects our integrative approach to eating disorder treatment.

We focus on the total health and well-being of each client by empowering these areas: medical, therapeutic, nutrition, movement, and relational practices.

Adaptive Care Model

Medical care

Building health resilience to provide a physical foundation of recovery.



Balancing nourishment and pleasure to restore a nurturing relationship with both food and body.



Redefining the relationship with physical activity and integrating progressive levels of movement to heal both mind and body.



Understanding the complexity of eating disorders as an underlying biological, behavioral, and environmental influences.



Alsana’s relational program provides guidance and support for clients to explore and grow their own sense of purpose as part of the recovery process.

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