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In our culture there remains an immense stigma with regard to eating disorders. We know that they exist and they impact countless lives, yet many of us still do not feel comfortable talking about it. This is maddening, and for no one more than the people who either have eating disorders or take care of people with eating disorders. Because there is not enough open dialogue about these conditions, it can be far too difficult and daunting to find reliable information or words of encouragement.

That’s why we’re happy to announce a new endeavor called Tuesdays with Tammy—a recurring online event that’s aimed at people in these two groups. If you have an eating disorder or are an eating disorder caregiver, tune in to Tuesdays with Tammy for a unique opportunity to ask your questions and get the insights you need to facilitate healthy recovery.

Here’s how it works: On the second Tuesday of each month, our own Tammy Beasley will take to Twitter to field your questions about food and other dietary considerations. She’ll hold open “Twitter chats” at noon EST, using the hashtag #TuesdaysWithTammy and tweeting from our company handle, @Alsanatc.

If you have ever wanted to pick the brain of a true expert in this field, Tuesdays with Tammy is an exciting new program. And though she is fairly new to the Alsana team, Tammy is a nutrition and eating disorder treatment specialist with ample experience. We’ve been thrilled to have her on board as our National Coordinator for Educational Outreach and Development, and cannot wait to see the difference she makes through these monthly Twitter chats.

If you’re not yet on Twitter, consider creating an account today; and if you are, start submitting your questions now using #TuesdaysWithTammy! Don’t forget to set your calendar for our next Tuesdays with Tammy educational event!

[cta] Are you excited for Tuesdays with Tammy? Come join the conversation! Submit your questions now using #TuesdaysWithTammy on Twitter! [/cta]

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