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Binge Eating Disorder (BED): symptoms, signs, and hope

No one chooses to have BED but you can choose not to go through it alone. Our treatment team can help you take the first steps today.

Is BED taking

If you or loved one is living with BED, there is hope for healing.
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Binge Eating Disorder is more than overeating

Nearly everyone overeats from time to time, especially during holidays or special occasions like birthdays and other celebratory events.
Binge eating disorder is more than overeating, it’s characterized by the consumption of unusually large amounts of food and with feelings of a lack of control....

At Alsana, we can help you get back on track again towards feeling healthy about your eating habits and food choices for the long-term. If your symptoms are interfering with your relationships, well-being, or quality of life, reach out to us today. We’ll treat you like our number one priority no matter what stage of recovery you’re in.

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Start living your whole life

Living with binge eating disorder is like living only half of your life. ...

You deserve more, and we’d like to help. Contact us today so we can make a plan for getting you into the best life you could possibly have: yours.

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Symptoms of Binge Eating

Alsana is here to lead you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle no matter what you’re going through.

  • Eating when you feel full or an inability to stop eating when full
  • Eating normally in the presence of others but binging when isolated
  • Feelings of numbness or lack of sensation while binge eating
  • Feelings of shame or self-hate after binge episodes
  • Stockpiling food to consume when alone
  • Experiencing the feeling of stress or anxiety that can only be relieved by eating
  • Never feeling satisfied when eating, no matter the amount of food consumed
  • Frequent dieting, with or without weight loss
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