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A continuum of care necessary for recovery

This level of care provides intensive nutrition and clinical therapy, while allowing for more autonomy and self-sufficiency. Intensive outpatient treatment provides clients with a safe space where they can live independently, make their own choices, and still have the community to support and guide them through their journey of recovery.

Clients in intensive outpatient programming may choose to stay in Alsana off-campus apartments at an additional cost. This level of care is appropriate for clients who require more therapy than typically provided in a general outpatient setting and are able to make progress with moderate structure and support.

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As part of our intensive outpatient treatment program, clients receive:

  • Learning groups for skill and body image development
  • 1 – 2 sessions per week with their primary therapist
  • One daily monitored meal and special meal challenges (up to five days per week)
  • Art therapy and expressive therapy
  • Nutritional education
  • Individual goal setting
  • One weekly individual session with a dietitian
  • Core processing groups to address underlying issues
  • Relapse prevention and boundary development
  • Educational life skills sessions

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