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ARFID: What it is and how to heal

You don’t have to live with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder. If any of the symptoms or experiences described below sound familiar, Alsana can help.


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Those with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) often don’t eat enough to meet their energy and nutritional needs.

Unlike individuals with anorexia, people with ARFID tend to not worry about their weight or body shape.

Since ARFID is relatively new and lesser known, most health care professionals may not fully recognize it as an eating disorder. At Alsana, we take the diagnosis of ARFID as seriously as any other eating disorder....

Clients will be thoroughly assessed by our team of professionals that includes a detailed history of feeding, development, growth charts, family history, past attempted interventions, and a complete psychiatric history and assessment. At Alsana, our clients come first and we strive to ensure each person’s recovery journey is unique to meet their specific needs.

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Even healthy habits can spiral out of control.

Our Eating Disorder Evaluator Assessment is fast, easy, and completely confidential.

With all the misinformation and Diet Culture influence out there, it’s easy to understand why many individuals and their loved ones dismiss, ignore, or misinterpret eating disorder signs and symptoms-often for so long that they actually seem healthy or “normal.”...

Even habits that may have started as part of an honest attempt to achieve a sense of wellness can spiral out of control for years before someone realizes they need help.

This confusion poses a huge barrier to receiving life-saving care. That’s why we’re happy to offer this free resource. Complete your assessment today and find out if eating disorder care is right for you.

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It's not just "Picky Eating"

Choosing the right treatment program is important and can be challenging. While there are many factors to consider, the most important factor in treating ARFID is having a comfortable, trusting relationship with your team. Contact us today so we can find out how we can be of service in your recovery from ARFID.


Alsana is here to lead you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle no matter what you’re going through.

  • Fears of choking or vomiting
  • Limited range of preferred foods that becomes narrower over time (i.e., picky eating that progressively worsens)
  • Lack of appetite or interest in food
  • No body image disturbance or fear of weight gain

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