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Those with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) often don’t eat enough to meet their energy and nutritional needs. Unlike individuals with anorexia, people with ARFID tend to not worry about their weight or body shape.

Since ARFID is relatively new and lesser known, most health care professionals may not fully recognize it as an eating disorder. At Alsana, we take the diagnosis of ARFID as seriously as any other eating disorder.

Clients will be thoroughly assessed by our team of professionals that includes a detailed history of feeding, development, growth charts, family history, past attempted interventions, and a complete psychiatric history and assessment. At Alsana, our clients come first and we strive to ensure each person’s recovery journey is unique to meet their specific needs.

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  • Fears of choking or vomiting
  • Limited range of preferred foods that becomes narrower over time (i.e., picky eating that progressively worsens)
  • Lack of appetite or interest in food
  • No body image disturbance or fear of weight gain

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