Up to 12 hours of programming daily for clients who need support while still finding their independence

Day Treatment also provides a supporting, caring community, and is appropriate for clients who are ready to meet their goals without overnight supervision. Alsana provides recovery-focused apartments for this level of care at an additional cost if needed.

Find support to regain your balance

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As part of our day or PHP treatment program, clients receive:

  • Housing in our recovery-focused apartments (at an additional cost)
  • A weekly individual session with our psychiatrist or physician extender
  • Up to 12 hours of programming per day (*hours are specific to location)
  • A Level System that that allows for increasing autonomy as clients make progress
  • Nursing oversight
  • Staff supported snacks as deemed by your individualized meal plan
  • 3 individual sessions per week with a well-trained and experienced primary therapist, when following a 7 day per week schedule, 2 individual sessions per week for 5 programming days
  • 1-2 weekly individual session with our dietitian
  • A small therapeutic community
  • Individualized weekly treatment plan
  • Up to 3 staff supported meals and post meal processing (*specific to location)
  • Family Therapy and participation in our Family Week

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