Amanda Burch, BA | Alsana®
Amanda Burch, BAMovement Liaison/Direct Care | she/her/hers

    Amanda Burch serves as Alsana Amare’s movement liaison and direct care staff. In addition to providing client support throughout the day, she helps incorporate mindful movement experientials into the schedule and runs psychoeducation groups weekly. Amanda attended UCLA for her undergraduate career, where she majored in Psychology and Disability studies. She also obtained her NSCA personal training certification through UCLA’s Fitness Leadership Program upon graduating and worked as a body-positive personal trainer before transitioning into her role at Alsana.

    Amanda sought work at Alsana due to a desire to help individuals heal their relationship with food and their bodies after overcoming her own history with disordered eating and compulsive over-exercise. She was inspired by the freedom and joy that a recovered life brought her, and her role at Alsana allows her to provide support and understanding to others navigating recovery from their eating disorders. Amanda feels most fulfilled when she can witness client victories and provide opportunities for accountability and growth.

    Currently, Amanda is working to obtain her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to be able to work with eating disorder populations in a therapeutic capacity in the future. When she is not studying or working, you can find her fishing, hiking with her dog, or going on a camping adventure! Amanda’s passion for holding space for individuals to find recovery is tangible, and she would for you to begin your recovery journey in Santa Barbara!

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