Juliana McLaughlin - Alsana®
Juliana McLaughlinNurse Manager | she/her/hers

    As Charge Nurse for Alsana’s Santa Barbara programs, Juliana is responsible for educating and supporting clients through the physical healing process and working hand in hand with the multidisciplinary treatment team to provide holistic care. Juliana earned her vocational nursing degree from Career Care Institute.

    Before coming to Alsana, Juliana worked in behavioral health, addictions, and case management. In her free time, Juliana enjoys listening to music, petting a fur baby, and spending time in nature.

    Juliana is most passionate about spreading kindness and positively contributing to the planet and finds fulfillment in supporting fellow humans through the roller coaster of life and having meaningful moments during the process. Their background also includes working as a mental health case manager, addictions health and wellness nurse and medication clinic supervisor.

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