Melody Fadaee, MA | Alsana®
Melody Fadaee, MAAdmissions Counselor

    In her role as an Alsana admissions counselor, Melody helps individuals in search of support, help, and healing from an eating disorder. She guides clients and family members through the admissions process with a caring, patient, and non-judgmental energy.

    Melody has a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University and worked as a case manager for various addiction and eating disorder recovery programs for five years. She also volunteered with the Trevor Project and was a counselor on the Trevor Lifeline, and LGBTQ+ suicide and crisis helpline. Her life goals are to get a doctorate degree in psychology and open a facility that provides wraparound services to LGBTQ+ individuals that need help finding recovery from any mental illness.

    Melody has many hobbies and interests, including taking her dogs to the park, traveling, going to concerts and shows, learning new instruments, painting, and trying new foods. Farsi was Melody’s first language and she learned English in school. In high school, she played one-on-one basketball with Michael Jordan and scored a three-pointer on him.